About our Lamb

Starting out with Merino/ Poll Dorset crossbred house-flock, we introduced a purebred Dorper ram and some Dorper cross ewes. Our aim is to have a flock of predominantly Dorper sheep lambing throughout the year.

We selected the Dorper breed because of its superior meat qualities (lean, muscular and fine grained) and low maintenance management (no mulesing, shearing, crutching, fly strike but having good parasite resistance).

Our sheep are handled using the Low Stress Stock handling principles to ensure a calm interaction between animal and human. They are quiet and happy, spending more time grazing, lazing and chewing their cud rather than stressing about us being around.

Our sheep are grazed predominantly native pasture using strategic rotational grazing management to increase soil health and biodiversity. We fertilise our paddocks with on farm produced liquid and solid worm castings and planted shelterbelts of native vegetation.

Our lambs, once they are weaned, go into their own rotational grazing system on improved pasture to grow out to 40 to 50 kg ready for market.

How to order

We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for all orders.

Please complete the form below and pay deposit.

It takes us time to select the animal and get it prepared for you to collect ready to cook.

Our farm raised, grass fed lambs are marketed as vacuum packed cuts or whole and half lamb (cut to your preferred cuts but not vacuum packed unless required).

We sell via internet order and at our Morpeth Butchery


We do deliver whole or half lamb direct to your door in the Scone, Muswellbrook, Morpeth and the Newcastle area.


A whole or half lamb is $15.00 per kg carcass weight.

Vacuum packaging is available for an extra $1.00 per kg

The cuts of meat include

  • Cutlets or Rack
  • Loin chops
  • Leg roast or Half Leg and chops
  • Shanks
  • Chump chops
  • Shoulder roast or Forequarter chops
  • Neck rosettes/slow roast
  • Dog Bones/Trimmings/Kidney

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