About our Worms

Value Added Waste Conversion

These mighty workers will consume anything that was once living and convert it back into a rich fertile form of soil beneficial to our environment.

Our compost worms are a combination of Reds (Lumbricus Rubellus), Blues (P. Excavatus) and Tigers (E. Fetida). The three work well with each other; the Blues doing best in the warmer months and the Tigers in the cooler month.

NOTE: Each pack contains approximately that number of worms. As you can imagine it would be very difficult to count the number of worms exactly.

Tired of discarding your green waste into landfill and hosing out that smelly garbage bin?

Clean up and convert that unwanted kitchen waste, let the worms do the work for you.

Have a value adding waste conversion system right outside in your backyard, producing a continuous free supply of natural fertiliser for those home grown vegetables and flowers.

Products and Prices

We sell the worms both locally or contact us.

Worms can also be shipped by Australia Post.

By the Kilogram

A mixture of Red, Blue and Tiger worms. Available direct from our farm, delivered to Scone, Muswellbrook and Morpeth area. Or they can be sent direct to you by Australia Post.

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  • WORM PACK 500
    This is the smallest quantity we supply. Ideal for reactivating a compost bin or worm farm.  
  • WORM PACK 1000
    Approximately 1000 live compost worms. Ideal for starting a household worm farm like Can-O-Worms.  

Accessories and consumables

Price on Application

  • Extra trays for your Can-O-Worms
  • A new drain tap, legs or lid for your Can-O-Worms
  • New pack of coir to start the old worm farm from the garage or another farm
  • Metal stand for your worm Swag if you don’t have somewhere to hang it
  • Ag lime to keep your farm from becoming too acidic 500g or 1kg
  • Geofelt covers for your worm farm to keep the light out and moisture in

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