Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many worms do I need for my plastic bin worm farm (Reln Worm Farm, Tumbleweed Can-O-Worms and Worm Farm) or worm Swag?

A1: We recommend that you initially buy 1000 compost worms for each member of your household. Therefore if you have 4 members in your household, your worm farm would work best if you ordered 4000 compost worms. Your worm farm will still work with less worms, but it will be much slower in converting waste until the worm numbers have increased naturally.

Q2: What are the best foods for my worm farm?

A2: Compost worms will eat most things that have been living, but are now dead and decaying. They actually prefer to eat the micro-organisms that are causing the organic matter to decay. Kitchen scraps are a good food source for worms. Other household wastes that are good for worms include paper, cardboard, lawn clippings, animal poo, leaves etc. If you don’t like maggots, don’t feed your worms meat. Remember that worms do NOT have teeth, so chop, shred or mush the worm food first. Also remember that worms like a varied diet, just like all animals. So mix your food up and try to vary it as much as possible. Everything in moderation.

Q3: How much food do I feed my worms?

A3: It has been said that Compost worms will eat up to half their body weight per day. In our experience, this figure varies tremendously. It all depends on the type of food, what particle size it is, what its nutrient content is etc etc. If you mainly feed your worm’s kitchen scraps and you chop or mush them up, you can expect 1000 worms to eat 1/2 a cupful (125 ml) per day.

Q4: Will my worms breed too much and overcrowd my plastic bin worm farm?

A4: No, compost worms have a natural mechanism that stops them from breeding when they get to a maximum food/volume density. This means that the worms will self-regulate their population depending on the amount of food you give them and the space in which they are kept.

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