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About Our Grass Fed Beef

Grass fed beef is superior to grain fed beef because the diet is more natural for the animal and the animal is therefore healthier and happier.

Meat from grass-fed animals has two to four times more omega-3 fatty acids than meat from grain-fed animals. Omega-3s are called “good fats” because they play a vital role in every cell and system in your body. Of all the fats, they are the most heart-friendly. And the meat has that beautiful natural beef flavour. Mmmh!

Our beef cattle herd is predominately Speckled Park a beautifully soft, maturing and muscular animal.

They spend their days out in the hilly paddocks of Bonavista and behave like cattle should: roaming about, eating, drinking, sleeping, chewing their cud and interacting with their mates.

We run the cattle all in one mob rotating through the different paddocks according to feed availability and ground cover. All our livestock are handled using the Low Stress Stock Handling principles to ensure they remain calm and stress free.

They are grazed on predominantly native pasture using strategic rotational grazing management to increase ground cover, water infiltration, soil health and biodiversity, promoting earthworms, dung beetles and microbial activity.

Order Grass Fed Beef - grass fed beef
Order Grass Fed Beef - grass fed beef

How To Order

We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for all beef orders placed.

It takes us time to select the beast and get it prepared for you to collect ready to cook. Our farm raised lifetime grass fed beef is marketed as cuts or bulk (quarter, half or whole carcass cut and packed in our butcher shop at Morpeth).

We sell via internet order at our Morpeth Butchery 143 Swan Street Morpeth.

*Soup / dog bones are included if desired.


We do deliver whole, half or quarter direct to your door in the Scone, Muswellbrook, Morpeth and the Newcastle area.


Whole or Half Beef

$ 15
per kg carcass weight


Quarter Beef

$ 15
per kg carcass weight

Cuts of Meat

Order Grass Fed Beef - grass fed beef

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How To Order And Pay

We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for all orders.

Please complete the form below and pay deposit.

Please complete the form below to place your order. For all orders we require a $200.00 deposit which can be paid via Electronic Bank Transfer. Our bank account details are below.

Once we have received your payment we will contact you to confirm your order and delivery details. Pick up of your order can be at Morpeth Butchery or by arrangement.

If you have any problem with this payment process please contact us.

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