Hunter Natural Pty Ltd – A Family Company

Owned And Operated By David And Marianne Carter

As fifth generation farmers in the Upper Hunter, we are passionate about sustainable farming.

It is important to us to raise healthy, happy animals for beef and lamb production and improving our environment. It means we can pass the land on to future generations in better condition than it is today.

Our property is located in the Upper Hunter Valley on the banks of the Speckled Park beef cattle and Dorper sheep.

Being passionate about the environment and making our farm sustainable into the future we have done a lot of research into natural fertilisers. We use natural fertilisers in conjunction with our strategic rotational grazing system. This helps us to build our soil microlife and organic matter content leading to an increase in soil health and biodiversity. Our aim is to reduce or eliminate the reliance on chemical fertilisers.

About - hunter natural
About - hunter natural

Hunter Natural is responsible for the day to day operation of our property “Bonavista”.

About - hunter natural

Our use of natural fertiliser led us to build a commercial sized worm farm to produce our own.

Any excess fertiliser and some of the worms are sold direct off farm or through farmers markets. When soil organic matter content and biology increase through the use of natural fertilisers there are many benefits, like stored carbon, improved soil fertility, improved water holding capacity of the soil, helping the pastures live longer in dry times.

Our sheep and cattle are handled using the Low Stress Stock Handling principles to encourage an environment of low stress interaction between people and animals.

They are grazed on predominantly native pasture using strategic rotational grazing management to increase soil health and biodiversity, promoting earth worms, dung beetles and microbial activity. This helps limit nutrient run off, keeping watercourses healthy.

All our beef and lamb are marketed direct from farm, online or through our Morpeth Butchery.